Paker Voice Studio

Header image: ©Eastman Technology & Media Production Department, photo

Applying her voice pedagogy training from the Eastman School of Music, Gwen is a member of the voice faculty at The Hochstein School in Rochester, NY and maintains a private voice studio. Students wishing to study with Gwen through Hochstein should go to the Hochstein website to learn more. Students wishing to join the Paker Voice Studio should send Gwen an email to learn more. If you aren't sure what is the best way for you to study with Gwen, please reach out and Gwen will answer your questions. 

As a voice teacher, Gwen prioritizes the individual needs of each student in order to build their self-confidence, musicality, and singing technique. In order to accomplish this goal in each and every lesson, Gwen relies on her educational background in vocal pedagogy from the Eastman School of Music and on the skills she has developed through several years of maintaining the Paker Voice Studio and working as a voice faculty member with The Hochstein School in Rochester, NY.

Students in Gwen's studio can expect to sing appropriate music that excites them, using that interest as a way to develop the fundamental skills every student needs. While many teachers adhere to a specific regimen, Gwen customizes each and every lesson to best suit each student, their interests, and their needs. This differentiated instruction includes teaching a wide variety of musical styles, including classical, musical theatre, jazz, and pop, while always prioritizing a healthy, reliable technique.

At the core of Gwen's teaching philosophy is the idea that — given a solid foundation of rigorous pedagogical study,  knowledge of scientific best-practices with regards to vocal health and technique, and a toolkit of ideas with a wide enough variety — she is able to help each student find the best version of their own voice. 

As a teacher, and in all other aspects of her life, Gwen is committed to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, and she is a strong advocate for increased equity and accessibility in music education.